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The Power of Play

   Posted by: Bitches Bruze    in Body, Motivation

One my great rediscoveries when starting derby was the power of play. I found myself among a bunch of women who left fear and adult-propriety at the door and tumbled like a pile of puppies on skates.

There’s no mistaking how powerful letting go of the seriousness of day-to-day life can be in our busy and hurried world. Since derby is generally made up of men and women returning to sports and play after some time off from the sports they played in high school and college, finding the play and fun of derby is like finding that gold missing nugget of childhood we thought we had lost forever. It amazes us with childlike wonder and awe how easy, guiltless and wonderful play feels.

Derby gives us permission to have fun and embraces so much of the freedom of play. Remember to play – to drop the committees and the responsibilities at the edge of the track when you skate today and simply have fun because you choose to have fun.

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