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Derby by the Numbers

   Posted by: Bitches Bruze    in Promise

1 minute served in penalty box for each major or four minor penalties
2 minutes in a jam
3 team time outs per game
4 short whistles signals the end of the jam
5 laps in a minute to pass WFTDA minimum skills
6 seats in the penalty box
7 referees on skates
7.01467 feet between track markers as measured on the inside boundary
8 wheels per skater
9 section in the WFTDA rules which covers officials
9.6 degrees of angle on a banked track
10 feet between markers on track
14 maximum number of skaters allowed on a bout roster
16 total number of people allowed in a team’s bench area
17 age of Ellen Page’s character, Babe Ruthless/Bliss Cavendar, in the 2009 movie, Whip It
18 number of 10′ markers on track
20 feet allowed from the pack for a blocker to remain in play
25 laps in 5 minutes to pass WFTDA minimum skills
28 maximum number of minor penalties allowed per player in a bout
30 seconds between jams
50 number of skaters entered in the first Transcontinental Derby in 1935
60 minutes in a bout
90 longest possible stretch between front and rear blocker for all blockers to be in play
180 feet around the track
1863 invention of the quad roller skate with pivoting trucks
50118 largest number of people in attendance at a roller derby game (Chicago, 1972)