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One of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby’s venues is a basketball gym. As such, the score board, unlike a hockey board with penalty timers, does not have a jam clock available.

I wrote a short and sweet Flash program which will run a jam clock. From a production standpoint, I envision this being run by someone on a laptop with a second monitor mimicking the laptop monitor. The operator, possibly also running the scoreboard, would run this with the laptop facing the operator and the second monitor facing the teams.

This will keep bouts in compliance with the current rule set.

With a white background
With a black background

Contact Bitches if you’d like different colors or options.

Update 9/16 – clocks improved

  • Start button disabled at beginning
  • Start button disabled after clicking (prevents odd time intervals)
  • Start button enabled with reset
  • Correct time displays on load (but reset still required)
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