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A Brief History of the WFTDA Ruleset

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Have you heard someone call the WFTDA flat track rules by some number and not a date? If you started playing after Whip It, you probably NEVER played under 4.0 or any numbered ruleset. The current rule set (and the one before it), go by their dates. The current rule set is May 26, 2010.

I do believe I have a digital copy of every rule set. Here’s the history:

You can listen to Val Capone talk about how, until 2006, each league used to make their own rule set here.

The first annual WFTDA conference in Chicago in July 2005 produced the first rule set – 1.0 which was released for play for the Dust Devil (Arizona) in 2/2006.

Rules were worked on and for the next few years there was some regularity to rules updates:

May 2007 – 2.0
August 2007 – 2.1
May 2008 – 3.0
August 2008 – 3.1
April 2009 – 4.0

Then it gets wonky – December 2009 – Ruleset 12/1/09
May 2010 – Ruleset 5/26/10

There have nearly always been tournament clarifications for WFTDA tournaments which cleared up many ambiguities. The new WFTDA web site also added a rules asking and answering section for ONLY stuff that is not absolutely clear in the rules.

Up until 4.0, most leagues also supplemented the ruleset with a Discrepancy-o-matic which was created by Hambone and is cited as having significant help from Ian Fluenza and Nigel Toughnails. It covered things like how many skaters would play, how to deal with alternates, cleared up whether the jammer line would be 30′ or 33′ from the pivot line, whether you’d play two 30’s or three 20’s, whether the next jam would start if “everyone appears to be lined up” regardless of the 30 seconds allowed between jams, whether a whistle would be blown for minors (it was not clear in the rules), will there be a penalty wheel, provisions for fighting, is there a place where referees may store post-game grown-up refreshment…

The MRDA ruleset of June 1, 2011 is the WFTDA 5/26/10 ruleset with male pronouns.

There are plenty of other flat track rule sets out there: OSDA, MADE, USARS, and some I’m sure I don’t know of.

There you have it. A brief history of the WFTDA ruleset.