You Make the Call – 8.2.1

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One of the things I love about flat track roller derby, especially derby played by the current WFTDA ruleset, is the intricacies of strategic possibility. I’ve been playing since ruleset 1.1 in 2007 and one thing I’ve found is we have never fully developed all the possibilities of a given set of rules before we’re moving on to new rules.

This is the life of a new-born sport on the rise.

I’m back to getting some time both on the camera and with cameras at bouts I’m involved in so I have footage to share. One of the things about intricacies is it can be difficult to wrap your head around some of the rules unless you get a chance to see them in action.

Some of my readers may have heard of the possibility of a 6 point jam. What I have here is not a 6-point jam, but a play from my last bout where a 6-point jam was possible.

Watch this clip and think about what you think the score for red should be assuming she legally scores on all in-play purple blockers in her first scoring pass.

In my next post, I’ll go through this jam step by step to show how the scoring works.


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